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W. Locke

Hello!  I am starting my eighth year this fall as the Principal of Spring Creek Charter School.  I have been a member of the Spring Creek family for over 25 years! 

I want Spring Creek to be a place where our students feel safe and where they feel challenged to strive for their highest potential.  I want our faculty and staff to feel supported in the extraordinary work they do here daily, and I want them to look forward to coming to work each day.  I want the families we serve to know that we care! Not only for their child's academic success, but for their child's overall well-being.

We have a lot of challenges facing us this school year. We are all learning the new Florida BEST Standards in Language Arts and Math. Our teachers are learning two new curriculums to go along with those new standards. And, we are all still recovering from the effects of the recent pandemic. However, we are up for the challenges in front of us, and we are striving to make this school year our best ever!