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2020-2021 Reopening Plans

As Spring Creek Charter School prepares to open its doors to students on August 24th, safety is at the forefront of our minds. Some changes have been made to our normal protocols in an effort to keep students, families, and staff safe. Other changes may be necessary as we move through the school year. 

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Immunization Requirements 2020 - 2021

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COVID-19 Protocols for Spring Creek

Instructional Options

Currently, our staff is preparing to provide both In-School and Distance Learning instruction. Parents will choose whether to use In-School or Distance Learning on a nine weeks basis. Switching options once the nine weeks has started will not be permitted. Distance Learning will be used if/when school closure or partial closure is necessary or if individual students need to quarantine. It is very important to understand the Distance Learning component will be very different than what it was for the end of last school year. Curriculum will be at the same pace and academic level as in the classroom. Assignments and virtual lessons are not optional. Your child will be responsible for completing and turning in, on time, all required work. Attendance/Participation will be taken daily. Grades will reflect just as if the student were in the classroom. 


We anticipate more students being Parent Drop Off and Pick Up. This will lessen the number of students on buses and allow for greater distancing. However, we will see an increase in the number of cars in the parent loop. 

  • Drop Off and Pick Up

    • All incoming traffic should come from the south of the school (Fisherman’s Road/Pirate’s Pub direction) on Spring Creek Road. 

    • No parents will be allowed to get out of their cars to drop off or wait for students. We will have Spring Creek personnel assisting the students if necessary. 

    • Students who are tardy are to check in through the front office. 

    • If you are checking your student(s) out early, call the front office from the parking lot. ID will be required before student(s) will be released. 

  • Bus

    • An adult is to be at the bus stop with all age students in the morning. 

    • No student will be allowed to board the bus if exhibiting signs of a fever or illness. 

    • No student will be allowed to board the bus without a mask. 

    • Masks are required on the bus. Refusing to wear a mask on the bus is a disciplinary issue. 

    • Students will be assigned seats with siblings. 

    • Bus routes will run normal schedules.

    • Hand sanitizer dispensers will be installed in all buses. Students should use sanitizer when entering and leaving the bus.

    • Buses will be sanitized after each route with a disinfecting mister. 

  • Visitors

    • At this time, the school is closed to visitors. 

    • If you must come to the office, masks are required. 

    • For general questions or information, please call the office.

    • Drop In appointments will not be available. If you need to speak with a staff member, please call to schedule an appointment. 

  • Hand Washing/Sanitizer and Sanitation Practices

    • Teachers will establish hand washing procedures and times in the classroom.

    • The number of hand sanitizer stations on campus will be increased. 

    • Students will be encouraged/required to use the sanitizer during the day.

    • High touch areas will be sanitized by custodial staff throughout the day.

    • Each room will be sanitized after school each day. 

  • Classroom

    • Masks are optional, but highly recommended. Masks are to be clean. 

    • It is up to the student to follow parent wishes for mask wearing. School personnel will not be responsible for the amount of time a student wears a mask. The exception to this rule is the bus. 

    • Students will use individual supplies. Sharing of common supplies will be discontinued. 

    • If students must share materials or equipment for any reason, the materials will be disinfected before use by another student. 

    • No more than one class will be allowed in a specials classroom at a time. 

    • Outdoor lessons are encouraged when feasible. 

  • Cafe

    • The number of students in the cafe will be reduced. This may mean your student(s) eat breakfast and/or lunch outside at picnic tables or in the classroom with appropriate supervision.  

  • Clinic

    • Students who show symptoms, especially fever, will be required to wear a mask, and be isolated from other students. Parents or Guardians will be contacted and required to immediately pick up their child. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS on this policy.

  • Special Events

    • At this time, all special events (Open House, Meet the Teacher, etc…) are on hold. 

We have created a short Parent/Guardian Survey to help us know your thoughts, and allow us to plan appropriately. If you have not completed the survey online, please go to the home page at and do so. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to move forward. Our goal is to provide your child(ren) with the best possible education while keeping everyone as safe as possible. Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you have questions regarding our Reopening Plan. We will get through this challenging time by working together!


Wesley Locke
Spring Creek Charter School