Today's Choice for Tomorrow's Future

Assistant Principal

Ms. O'Neal, Assistant Principal

Spring Creek is my second home. I am often asked why I have spent my entire career at one school. The response is simple, "Why wouldn't I?" Why wouldn't I want to spend my days with colleagues who are striving for excellence, students who are growing and learning, parents who are desiring the best for their children, and far reaching communities who tirelessly support our school family? 

As Spring Creek's Assistant Principal, it is my goal for each and every one who comes in contact with our school family to have a positive experience, to ensure a safety net as we take the risks necessary to thrive as adults and students, to support those who are in need, and to build a stronger foundation of academic excellence while thinking outside of the box. The conversations are not always easy, the decisions can be tough, the emotions can run deep; but at the beginning and end of every day, the question is still the same; why wouldn't I? I love seeing the kids every morning and afternoon at bus duty, popping into classrooms to see the awesome work and learning going on, watching our kids grow from those little PreK giggles to independent, thriving 8th graders ready to take on the world, and working side by side every day with the best faculty and staff to be found anywhere. 

Over 29 years and it continues to be an honor to serve Spring Creek! 

A Little About Me: 

Married since July 1986 to Bud 

Children: Jacob (Kayla), Travis (Brittney), Amy (Andrew), Brian (2009)

Granny to Bean, Tanner, Leanna, #4 due June 2022

Graduated from Umatilla High School, Lake Sumter Community College, University of Central Florida and American College of Education 

Favorite Things: anything that puts me in a tree stand or spending time with family and friends, being on or near the water, music